He’s not packed yet but nevertheless a totally keyed-up Elliot Yeo joined Botica’s Bunch on Thursday just days out from heading to the Goldy to play some damn footy.

The season, albeit truncated, was all starting to feel real now.

“I’m excited to play a game of footy,” Yeo said.

After chatting about fitness and what it might be like to run into the Dockers at the hotel: “I’m hoping that it’s not going to be one of those school situations where you all bump in the cafeteria together and you’re all at the same buffet”, we got down to the real questions.

“I understand that some players have been making some requests for while you’re away,” Lisa asked. “Like Xboxes, toasted sandwich makers, Andrew Gaff wants to take his golf clubs… have you made any special requests?”

Yeo was pretty diplomatic about it.

“I’ve heard that some players have been scrutinised for wanting to have a toaster and a blender in their room – anything close to normal as possible,” he said.


“I mean, if you could cook your own meals that would be great but I’m not too sure how that’s going to go – I think they’re more hotel-style rooms.”

Yeo didn’t really have anything out of the ordinary as a special request, but he was keen to just take his laptop to do some Netflix bingeing.

He then admitted that, while he absolutely loves to play golf, he physically can’t.

“I used to play golf but ah, what happened was that, when I broke my hand in ’15, and I love golf, but I broke my hand and haven’t been able to hold the club the same since,” he said. “It’s kind of annoying and frustrating.”

Fred cheekily offered Yeo the opportunity to caddy for him sometime.

“Well, I do know my grass,” Yeo countered.


It’s no secret that Yeo is borderline militant with his lawn, so who’s gonna look after it when he’s away?

“Well, it’s gone into winter now so it’s gone a bit dormant so if we’re only four weeks away, it’ll be OK.”

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