This Is What Elliot Yeo Said To Jack Redden During Pies Clash

It wasn’t just an epic 27-point win over Collingwood, it was also Jack Redden’s 100th game for West Coast.

Thing is, Elliot Yeo was seen giving him some advice at around half time.

At first, he was infuriatingly coy with The Bunch in divulging what that snippet of advice was.

“Secret squirrel business,” Yeo began before Clairsy & Lisa completely razzed him.

“Nah, look, just a couple of things I saw up in the coaches box and going through some vision,” he said.

Lisa remarked that Yeo had a completely different vantage point up in that box.


“Yeah, I can now see, as a spectator [you can easily just say] ‘kick it there, kick it there’, but when you’re on the ground, you’re looking, trying to spot a player through the middle of the ground,” Yeo explained.

“And you’ve got two or three Collingwood blokes in your vision.”

Yeo then warmed up to what he spoke to Redden about…

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