There seems to be two sides to Perth Wildcats’ Bryce Cotton.

One: since joining the Perth Wildcats in 2017, he’s proved an undisputed, 100 percent champion, claiming three NBL Championships with the Wildcats, and twice been named the league’s Most Valuable Player and Grand Final MVP.

Two: to get to know him personally, he’s a slow burn.

This means that every week, not only do we get a match report, but a slice of his life in Perth.

On Thursday, we learned he’s never been to an AFL game.

“I haven’t been to a footy game in my life,” he told us while our collective jaws hit the floor.

But it seems that Cotton has clearly lost track of the sheer amount of accolades that head his way. The Bunch congratulated him for being a finalist for the RAC WA Sports Star of the Year… and he had no idea. LOL.


Here’s how he reacted…

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