Golfers at a popular Gold Coast country club have been targeted by kangaroos, with at least 15 people attacked and two needing hospitalisation.

Arundel Hills Country Club member Mary, 64, was golfing with a group of friends earlier this month when she was attacked.

“One of my girlfriends jumped out of the cart with a golf club and pounded the kangaroo off my back,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“It was quite terrifying. At this stage I didn’t realise the extent of my injuries.”

Mary ended up with large cuts to her neck, arms and back.

Concerned members have been increasingly forced to defend themselves with their own golf clubs as the roos become more territorial.

They also said despite ongoing complaints to the club over the last few years, nothing has been done about the kangaroos.

According to Queensland Parks and Wildlife, the golf club is private property and management have the duty of care to relocate any dangerous kangaroos.