The deadpan host of Grand Designs is heading to Perth for Home Truths: a night of hilarious anecdotes, architectural marvels, and secrets that make creating a dream home compelling… and completely bananas. He even lifts the veil on what didn’t make it to the screen on the international hit series, Grand Designs.

Speaking of which, during a chat with Clairsy & Lisa on Friday, McCloud addressed what we all love about the show’s participants – their delusion.

“What happens is that I give people advice, I try and help off-camera and on-camera, a bit like a therapist,” he began (keeping in mind this advice is delivered in a very Kevin McCloud way, lol).

“Then they sort of look through me and they say, ‘no Kevin, you’re wrong, it’ll be fine’, like they’ve joined some kind of cult and been hypnotised… hope and optimism is such a powerful force.”

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‘Home Truths’ hits the Riverside Theatre February 15, tickets at Ticketek!