KISS just sold their music catalogue, brand, intellectual property and likeness to Pophouse Entertainment hundreds of millions, but Gene Simmons insists the decision was not about the cash.

In a new interview with People, the bassist said it was the “natural thing” to do, and that they “weren’t looking for it” initially.

“Life happens while you’re busy making important plans. We were planning our respectful, proud walking off into the sunset, because we’ve been touring, we had been touring for half a century,” he continued, jokingly adding: “I don’t want to go out there with my walker.”

“We’ve all seen boxers and artists who will stay in the ring too long and get knocked out by some amateur,” Simmons continued.

“You don’t want to do that, you want to go out on top. And we did it the right way, out of respect and love for the fans.”

Pophouse Entertainment is the Swedish company behind KISS’ upcoming avatar shows and the ABBA Voyage tour. They acquired the band’s music catalogue and rights to branding, which includes their logo and likeness (read: face makeup designs).

The BBC reported the sale to be upwards of $US300 million ($AU456m).

The band played their final live show in December and plan to launch their avatar shows in 2027.

“The beginning of KISS is going to be something that will blow your socks off, like nothing you’ve ever not seen,” Simmons promised.

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