While we’re still waiting for a premiere date, the highly-anticipated ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic biopic, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, has a new teaser.

Filming wrapped in February and star Daniel Radcliffe has been on the press tour since, telling The View that working with Yankovic was ‘one of the most fun things’ he’s ever done in his life.

He also learned to play accordion for the role.

While he also called Weird “a fully insane movie,” Radcliffe also described the film as “the absolutely 100-percent unassailably true story of Weird Al’s depraved and scandalous life.”

The comedy icon is presented as an uncompromising, tortured artist who in one scene stalks a stage with a bottle of whiskey in-hand.

The cast also includes Evan Rachel Wood, Rainn Wilson, Toby Huss and Julian Nicholson.

We expect the biopic will be released in Australia sometime in the spring.