The Foo Fighters are giving fans a taste of what to expect from their first movie with a handful of new photos from the set and the official trailer.

The official full two-minute trailer was dropped on YouTube on Tuesday, showing the Foos moving into a haunted house to record album number 10 and the guys are met with some supernatural — and downright evil — entities lurking in the home.

“Do you guys get this overwhelming sense of death?” Dave Grohl asks his bandmates and Taylor Hawkins wastes no time mimicking a ghost sound right after.

Grohl also tests out his comedy chops when he shows the guys the “new” song he’s been working on… which turns out to just be ‘Everlong’. There’s also a heap of jump-scares to keep you on your toes.


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Though the movie is fictional, the Foos really did record their latest album Medicine at Midnight a haunted house. Back in 2020, Grohl revealed the freaky stuff that happened during their sessions.

“When we walked into the house in Encino, I knew the vibes were definitely off but the sound was f***ing on,” he said at the time.

“We started working there and it wasn’t long before things started happening. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned.”

“We would open up a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing. There were some tracks that were put on there that we didn’t put on there. But just like weird open mic noises. Nobody playing an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room,” he continued.

“I set it up overnight so we could see if there was anyone there or anyone was coming to f*** with us. Right around the time we thought we were ridiculous and we were out of our minds, we started to see things on the Nest cam that we couldn’t explain.”

Studio 666 is set to premiere in the US on February 25, details of its Australian release are to be confirmed.

Check it out: