Everyone’s favourite drug-fuelled apex predator is getting a couple of its very own limited-edition mini Funko Pop figurines.

In line with the release of Cocaine Bear last week, Funko Pop are about to release two mini figurines in its ‘R-Rated Cocaine Bear Pop!’ collection.

The first features Cocaine Bear on all fours with the cutest bloody leg stump, presumably from a hiker he just tore up.

The second, a Funko exclusive, shows the bear *ahem* sampling the contents of a duffle bag.

Meanwhile, the Luna cinema in Leedy sold out of their commemorative-yet-on-brand-AF Cocaine Bear choc bombs (complete with white powder on their snouts) during the premiere of the movie last week but reassure moviegoers that they’re fast at work making more.

Luna Cinema Celebrates ‘Cocaine Bear’ With Choc Bomb Bears (With White Powdery Snouts)