It’s no lie (or surprise) that Kevin Costner loves a Western.

Sidestepping the modern day Yellowstone, his latest epic is set in the Old West. And epic it is.

He’s back in the director’s chair for New Line Cinema’s ambitious project, “Horizon: An American Saga” Chapters One and Two. This sprawling tale dives deep into the Civil War era and the settlement of the American West, a story way too big to fit into a single film.

Check out the trailer:

With Costner co-writing alongside Jon Baird, the movie promises to capture the essence of the Old West, both it’s attraction and struggles.

“When no one wanted to make the first one, I got the bright idea to make four,” Costner said dryly during a recent discussion about the Horizon trailer.

“So I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But I wanted it to step away from what we usually see in Westerns where there’s a town that’s already there. No one knows how [the town] came to be. There’s a guy comes in off the horizon, if you will. We don’t know much about him, except that he has some skills he’d like to put behind him and this town ends up needing those stills desperately … Too often, it’s just a convenience for the hero guy to knock down a dumb guy.”

He continued, “We have a lot of Westerns that aren’t good too because they get simplified [but] this isn’t Disneyland. These are real lives. People just making their way, women just trying to keep their families clean and fed … I’m drawn to that. I’m always gonna get to my gunfight, but I’m drawn to the little things that people had to endure. So to me, Horizon was worth holding on to because I just felt like I wanted to tell it. It grew and it grew and it grew until suddenly I realised that I just had to make it, and I had to look to myself financially to do it — which is not the smartest thing. But I count on the movie speaking louder than anything I can say.”

The star-studded cast, including Sienna Miller and Sam Worthington, brings this epic saga to life.

There’s no word when “Horizon: An American Saga” will hit theatres in Aus but from what we can gather from its US release, the first film might arrive sometime in June and Chapter Two sometime in August.