Matthew Broderick knows that when audiences look back on his 40-year career two words will come to mind: “Ferris Bueller”.

In a recent interview in The Guardian, Broderick expressed shock after he and his wife Sarah Jessica Parker were presented with lifetime achievement awards.

“I’m not ready for people to start discussing my legacy”.

He looked back forlornly on his famous 1986 role in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, at a time when director John Hughes dominated the box office with legendary teen films like ‘Sixteen Candles’, ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Pretty In Pink’.

“What’s my legacy? Well, I’m Ferris Bueller, I suppose,” Broderick says.

“I have to accept it. And I like it. I’ve made my peace with it.”

Broderick’s new Netflix drama ‘Painkiller’ premieres on Netflix on August 10.

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