Live-action remakes of classic Disney animations are so hot right now… but at what cost?

On Thursday, fresh from seeing the newest adaptation of The Little Mermaid, our movie reviewer Ben O’Shea was, well, blunt.

“[Disney] haven’t really had a good track record of doing a good job on these live-action remakes, and The Little Mermaid doesn’t change that,” he told Clairsy & Lisa.

We also got the impression that O’Shea wondered how he was going to get his time watching the film back. Like, literally.

“The new film is almost an hour longer than the original and you feel every minute of it… I was like, ‘when is this thing gonna end?”

His other thoughts about the movie included:

  • “Halle Bailey [Ariel] is the best bit of this film… everything else around her is not so good”
  • “Prince Eric has about as much appeal as a jellyfish that’s been washed up on the beach”
  • “There’s no reason why this film turned out as bad as it did”

Hit PLAY to listen in to Ben’s scathing rant review…