A new picture book for pre-schoolers aims to teach the alphabet through the lens of AC/DC.

The book, titled The AC/DC AB/CD High-Voltage Alphabet, is due for release on November 11.

The AC/DC book will be the latest in a series of music-centred educational materials from Love Police Books, including M Is For Metal, Never Mind Your Ps & Qs: Here’s the Punk Alphabet and The ABC&W: The Country And Western Alphabet Book.

Love Police’s Managing Director Brian Taranto said through a statement that the AC/DC collaboration was a dream come true.

“What an honour it is to work on this book, and to have had a connection to Angus [Young] for the real-deal stuff makes it even more wild and special,” Taranto wrote.

“Yeah, it’s a kid’s book, but any AC/DC or music fan will find something on every page. The Mayor [designer Paul McNeil] has done a sweet and rockin’ job. We are looking forward to educating another generation of rock and rollers.”

Music Feed reports that Young himself reached out to Love Police after discovering M Is for Metal during the pandemic.

For pre-order details, head here.