Best known for fronting The Screaming Jets and more recently filling the big shoes left behind by Doc Neeson in The Angels, Dave Gleeson can now add The Fabulous Caprettos to his LinkedIn profile.

Forming in 2020, The Fabulous Caprettos is an Aussie supergroup made up of ARIA Hall of Famer Russell Morris, Jack Jones (Southern Sons) and Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc). Earlier this year, Gleeson replaced original member Daryl Braithwaite.

We’re talking a group that creates their setlist by cherry-picking the best of their own back catalogues.

Incredulously, when Gleeson got the call to join the group, he wondered if he was going to fit in.

“[I thought] I’ll just be sticking out like a sore thumb,” he told Clairsy & Lisa, referring to himself as “some bloke from Newcastle.”

Lisa assured him he was more like the missing link; that he brought “a bit more grit” to the group.

After a fitting description of now-bandmate Russell Morris as “a national treasure, he should be stuffed and mounted,” Gleeson shared insights into the group’s dynamic before delving into his own personal rock and roll journey, including his deep-rooted obsession with AC/DC.

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The Fabulous Caprettos, Astor Theatre, January 10