Evanescence are officially members of the Billion View Club.

Earlier this week, singer Amy Lee made the big reveal that their ‘Bring Me To Life’ video had hit the milestone.

“So very proud to have reached a billion views!” she tweeted.

“What a crazy thing. Thank you for all the love, all the memories. I’m speechless.”

Only a handful of rock acts have crossed the billion-view threshold on YouTube. However, when the pandemic hit, a surge of views helped The Cranberries, Twenty One Pilots (for the third time), the Arctic Monkeys, Linkin Park and System of a Down all achieve the feat in 2020.

“I remember what I wrote ‘Bring Me To Life’ about, because I wrote it about my current husband before we were married,” Lee recalled in an interview last year.

“There was this moment – I was in a tough place and in a bad relationship. And my husband now, Josh, at the time was just a friend and a person that I barely knew; it was maybe the third or fourth time we’d ever met. And we went in to go grab a seat at a restaurant while our friends parked the car.

“We sat across from each other, and he looked at me and he just said, ‘So, are you happy?’ And it took me so off guard, and I just felt like it pierced my heart, because I felt like I had been pretending really well, and it was, like, somebody could see through me.

“That whole first verse came out of it: ‘How can you see into my eyes, like open doors.’ It really made me feel and recognise the sense of yearning that I had to get to a better place. And it really kind of set me out on a journey.

“It’s amazing that that became the song, the first song that broke us on to the scene and made everyone hear of us, because it was about something – I don’t know – something so personal that I was recognising in my life.”

‘Bring Me To Life’ was released in 2003 and its video was uploaded to YouTube in 2009.