The winning entry of Pink Floyd’s animation contest is copping major criticism after it was revealed the artist used AI software to create it.

Coinciding with the album’s 50th-anniversary milestone, The Dark Side of The Moon animation contest called on a new wave of animators to create a music video for any of the album’s ten tracks.

Over 900 submissions flooded in, which ten standout entries were chosen.

As the ten winners were revealed, grumblings arose over Damián Gaume’s entry for “Any Colour You Like,” for which Stable Diffusion AI software was used.

Not only did it spark a heated debate on the authenticity of AI-generated art in the music industry, it also overshadowed the other winners.

“This is absolutely awful in every respect. AI generated morph stock art sequence. It’s a huge pity that this is the winner,” one fan said.

In a behind-the-scenes look at Damián Gaume’s winning video, the artist explains the reason behind his use of AI.

Do you think his AI-generated music video deserved to win?