Foo Fighters are compiling all the biggest songs of their career for a new greatest hits album.

The Essential Foo Fighters will be available as a 19-track CD and 21-track vinyl and packed songs from all of their albums, including last year’s Medicine at Midnight.

This will be the Foos’ second compilation, following 2009’s Greatest Hits.

The Essential Foo Fighters is slated for an October 28 release.

Track List:

Side A:

  1. ‘Everlong’
  2. ‘Making A Fire’
  3. ‘Times Like These’
  4. ‘Rope’
  5. ‘Monkey Wrench’

Side B:

  1. ‘My Hero’
  2. ‘Cold Day In The Sun’
  3. ‘Big Me’
  4. ‘Long Road To Ruin’
  5. ‘Shame Shame’
  6. ‘Best Of You’

Side C:

  1. ‘All My Life’
  2. ‘The Pretender’
  3. ‘This Is A Call’
  4. ‘Waiting On A War’ (vinyl only)
  5. ‘Walk’

Side D:

  1. ‘Learn To Fly’
  2. ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’
  3. ‘Breakout’ (vinyl only)
  4. ‘These Days’
  5. ‘Everlong’ – Acoustic Version

The Foos hosted an emotional tribute to their late drummer Taylor Hawkins in London earlier this month.

The London tribute was the first of two. The second is set to go down in Los Angeles on September 27.