Honestly, the research the Fringe show ‘A Musical History of Perth’ sounds like the best party conversation ever.

“I’ve been asking people, ‘where did you go?’,” Monique Bouchar told Clairsy & Lisa on Monday, referring to people’s favourite pubs and clubs back in the day.

Back then, Bouchar reminded us that this was a time when you could open a copy of X-Press or The Daily News and find live music all over Perth, seven days a week.

“Bands were doing three gigs a night,” she said.

Bouchar is one of the tour guides for the Fringe show, which uncovers the hidden histories, secrets and scandals of the local iconic music venues during a unique walking tour of Perth and Northbridge.

And of course, what’s a chat about Perth’s nightlife without a good ol’ reminisce about The Red Parrot and Gobbles?

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