A guitar which was pinched from Aussie muso Pete Murray has been returned by the thief’s ex-partner, 18 years after it was lifted.

Pete relayed the incredible story on TikTok on Sunday, explaining what happened following his gig at the Red Hot Summer Tour in the Hunter Valley, about 3 hours north of Sydney.

A woman had showed up that day specifically to see him with his long lost friend – his guitar which had been stolen from the same location 18 years prior.

Thing is, she hadn’t stolen it, her ex had.

“So, the lady had to steal it from her ex, and she wanted to get it back to me today so she brought it today, and I am rapt about that,” he said.

@petemurrayofficial♬ original sound – Pete Murray

Murray held the guitar up in the video, which had remained in its original case with all its original accessories.

“So, thank you to that lovely lady that got in touch, because I know that was probably a scary thing for you, thinking I might be pretty peeved off about it,” he added.

“I know you were telling me you were a little nervous about maybe I might have the police there to arrest you for stealing. But that didn’t happen.”

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Pete expressed his gratitude, saying he gave the woman a hug and once again thanked her “very much.”