The ‘happiest’ song of all time has been revealed, not by opinion, but by science.

Music psychologist Dr. Michael Bonshor was commissioned to conduct the study.

It was found that the most uplifting sounding songs are in a major key with a tempo of 137 beats per minute with a verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure.

Following this formula, Dr. Bonshor discovered that the happiest song was Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys.

1. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
2. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown
3. House Of Fun by Madness
4. Get The Party Started by P!nk
5. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
6. Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley
7. I Get Around by The Beach Boys
8. YMCA by Village People
9. Waterloo by ABBA
10. September by Earth, Wind & Fire

So next time you’re feeling down, get the karaoke machine ready…