Just days after Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, one of the most controversial songs regarding her monarchy is nearing the top of the UK singles chart.

The Sex Pistols’ iconic 1977 single “God Save the Queen” was reissued last week on two special vinyl records, launching the track into the top five, according to data from The Official UK Charts Company.

“God Save the Queen” could hit No. 1 just one week after the Queen began her 70th year on the throne. The song was such a revelation when it was released in 1977 that it reached No. 2 on the charts and sparked the punk rock revolution throughout the UK and beyond.

Many suspect “God Save the Queen” actually sold enough copies to reach No. 1 in ’77, but was secretly barred from being listed in the top spot to spare more controversy.

All six episodes of the Sex Pistols’ biopic miniseries, Pistol, launched last week on Disney+.