There are great guitarists, legendary guitarists… then you have Steve Vai.

The one person who you could easily describe as the messiah of guitarists is heading back to Perth in November.

Vai’s collaborations read like a Hall of Fame: Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, White Snake and Joe Satriani. While his albums are incredible, it’s his live shows where Vai is unmatched, showcasing his ability to weave delicate melodies and face-melting solos. And if that wasn’t enough, Vai can also compose and arrange orchestral music.

Ahead of the show at the Perth Concert Hall, Vai spoke to Clairsy & Lisa about who taught him to play guitar at age 12, who he considers the greatest guitarist of all time and the reason he specifically arranged his tour to end in Perth.

“Everyone is going home but I’m staying an extra day,” he said.

Here’s why…

Steve Vai – Inviolate Tour
Perth Concert Hall, November 11