If you love live music, the Live Music Archive might be the rabbithole worth losing a few hours to, especially now that they’ve cracked 250,000 recordings.

Most of the live recordings are from lesser-known American bands, but there are some fantastic notables, including Jack Johnson (above), John Mayer, Grateful Dead, Ween, Michael Franti and Spearhead and Smashing Pumpkins.

The collection was built over the past 20 years by music lovers for music lovers, curated through the Internet Archive, which provides free access to all kinds of digitised materials, including music.

About 30 live music clips (audio and video) continue to be uploaded every day and if one isn’t your thing, there’s so many recordings that chances are you’ll stumble across something that is.

(A handy resource to give 96FM’s Ultimate Home Theatre a workout –  it’ll sound like you’re there at the gig!)

“It’s a huge victory for the open web,” Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle said.

“Fans have helped build it. Bands have supported it.”

Check out the Live Music Archive here!