We now know why Coldplay didn’t get a guernsey at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert over the weekend, and it’s a pretty great excuse.

The band already had a date at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey… with The Boss.

Bruce Springsteen surprised the crowd by joining in with Coldplay as they covered a couple of his songs, “Working on a Dream” and “Dancing in the Dark.”

Before diving into ‘Working on a Dream’, Springsteen admitted he felt obliged.

“Chris [Martin] said he had this song tattooed on his arm for a while, so I guess I’ve got to sing it with him,” the Boss told the screaming crowd.

The day before, Coldplay brought up Kylie Minogue to perform her hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.”

“We grew up idolising a few amazing pop stars, and the day that this person came to see our show in the year 2000 we thought that someone had just landed from Mars because she just basically had come off the television, as far as we could tell. And then she got better and better and still keeps getting better and better,” Martin told the crowd before bringing Minogue onstage.