To those in Southern California, the three-day Ohana Festival signals the start of autumn and the line-ups are usually something we can only dream about.

This year, headliners included Foo Fighters, Pretenders, The Chicks, Eddie Vedder, Haim and The Killers. Not too shabby for a totally chill beach fest.

The festival is also intimate enough that it isn’t unusual for artists to do a bit of band-jumping, which is exactly what Vedder did.

The Pearl Jam frontman popped up during The Killers’ set to sing a cover of Tom Petty’s ‘The Waiting’, but Vedder wasn’t the band’s only special guest of the evening… and the second was much less predictable.

“Is it too late to blow your minds again?” frontman Brandon Flowers asked before welcoming Sammy Hagar (who wasn’t even on the festival bill) to the stage to cover Van Halen’s ‘Why Can’t This Be Love.’

Foo Fighters also headlined the festival and treated fans to an impromptu cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ while an audience member was being tended to by medics.

After singing a few lines of the song, whatever was happening got sorted out and the band was able to get back to its own songs.

“Is that situation figured out? Great,” Grohl said.

“Thank God, ’cause that’s a long-ass f–king song.