It’s been 12 years, but the Hoodoo Gurus have a new album, ‘Chariot of the Gods’.

Clairsy had a listen to it on the way to the studio this morning, and it seems there’s some familiar sounds that Hoodoo fans will recognise.

“I reckon ‘World of Pain’ would fit perfectly on Stone Age Romeos,” to which frontman Dave Faulkner remarked that people had said another track ‘I Come From The Future’ could’ve been on Mars Needs Guitars.

“It’s not sort of doing a greatest hits or anything but we’re basically [going with] the same influences that have always inspired us,” Faulkner said.

Lisa asked Faulkner if she had read something incorrectly.

“Have I read this right? Why have you described this album as your ‘Bogan Sgt. Peppers’?”

Faulkner belly-laughed and explained…