From making small talk and sharing excitement about the nominated films to the typical ‘Who are you wearing?’ question, red carpet interviews are always pretty fluffy, quick and friendly.

However, one exchange at the 95th annual Academy Awards was so painfully awkward that it trended on Twitter.

Model Ashley Graham had a run-in with actor Hugh Grant on the 2023 Oscars Red Carpet and people online couldn’t believe how weird it was.

As Graham began asking a normal series of questions, Grant made it clear that he would rather be anywhere but there talking to her, leading many viewers to either praise his apathy toward the ceremony or call him rude for snubbing an interviewer just trying to do her job.

When Graham asked who Grant was excited to see win or who he was rooting for, he responded with a clipped “no one in particular.” Undeterred, Graham then asked who he was wearing, to which Grant simply said, “just my suit.” Graham tried to weasel out a few more details, asking who designed the suit, only getting back the response, “My tailor.”

Graham attempted to speak more about Grant’s role in the hit film Glass Onion, asking how much fun it was to shoot a movie like that. Grant, who briefly appeared on screen, said he was “barely in it,” so couldn’t speak on the rest of the cast’s experience. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that he seemed to roll his eyes as the interview ended.

Watch the train wreck unfold here…