While the 95th Academy Awards is taking place on the 13th of March, it’s also that time again where we pick our collective jaws off the floor at the contents of the notorious Oscar goodie bag.

And just when we thought we’d heard it all… we realise we really have not.

Among the 60 gifts included in the bag: a $40,000 trip to the a private Canadian estate, and a $9,000 trip to a restored lighthouse off the coast of Italy…. oh, and a fricken plot of land in Australia. The size and location of said plot is unknown.



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The bag, which is unaffiliated with the Academy but sent by the company Distinctive Assets to the acting and directing nominees is this year valued at around $126,000. Brands pay $4000 just to secure a spot in the bag.

Other gifts in the bag include arm sculpting liposuction treatments, hair restoration services, a facelift, hand-harvested organic dates, silk pillowcases and edible massage oil.

It’s understood there are no Bertie Beetles, which honestly is the real outrage.