Prince Harry is a little confused about why everyone refers to him as “Harry.”

During a recent video call with the winners of the WellChild Awards – Henry Waines, 4, and his parents Shevonne and Ben – the Duke of Sussex briefly mentioned that Harry isn’t his real name.

“My name is Henry as well,” he said directly to the 4-year-old on the video call.

“But everyone calls me Harry. I have no idea why.”

According to the Royal Family’s official website, Prince Harry’s name is officially Prince Henry Charles Albert David.

In addition, the royals actually do use the name “Henry” in formal situations.

A tweet from Buckingham Palace’s official announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to his now-wife Meghan Markle in 2017 formally referred to Harry as “His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales”

According to Metro, monarchs who had the name Henry were usually referred to as Harry by friends. They also mentioned that when Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced his name, the palace mentioned that he would officially be known as Prince Henry but just “Harry” to his family and friends.

Later in the call, Harry gave a rare update about his two children 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet.

“You sound just like my son Archie, with that little squeaky voice,” he told the family. “I love it.”

After being asked how Archie and Lilibet were doing, Prince Harry said, “Archie is very, very busy. And Lili is learning to use her voice, which is great.”