It’s time for a bit of “did you know” with everyone’s favourite A-Lister, Tom Hanks. If we were to ask you to speculate on his favourite alcoholic drink, what would you guess?

You’d probably say an expensive Scotch Whisky, or maybe some delicate French red wine, well hold on to your hats.

Hanks recently joined The Adam Buxton Podcast to chat about his new novel The Making Of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, although the conversation turned to favourite drinks.

And Tom’s? Something that he calls a ‘Diet Cokagne’…or if you’re reading this aloud you’d say a ‘Diet Cocaine’. Which is uhh, really something.

Forrest Gump’s favourite drink is a cocktail which blends Diet Coke and champagne. Hanks says that the drink started as a bit of a joke, telling Buxton that he’s not a big drinker but asked someone to add a dash of champagne to his soft drink.

“I was having a Diet Coke and someone opened a bottle of champagne ceremoniously, and I said ‘give me a shot in my drink’, and they did and I tasted it and it was kinda delicious”, Hanks said on the podcast.

For those playing along at home tonight, it’s all about the ratio – five-eighths Diet Coke, a handful of ice and a liberal shot of champers.

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