The latest episode of Bluey titled ‘Cricket’ has hit Aussie fans for six as the episode is chock-a-block full of nostalgia, but International fans aren’t really getting it.

In the new episode, Bandit, Bluey’s dad, tells a story of how red kelpie Rusty got to be so good at cricket.

But it was the twist at the end of the episode that had adults in tears as the writers perfectly captured the spirit of cricket.

Spoiler Alert ahead if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

The tear jerking scene begins with Bluey ask her dad if they can play something else, Bandit replies, “What? Cricket’s more fun”.

“But cricket’s just about hitting a ball around the grass,” Bluey replies.

Bandit responded with, “Cricket’s about more than that, kid.”

And well, you can watch the tear jerking moment for yourself below

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Test Cricket legend Ian Healy enjoyed how the episode captured backyard cricket, which was a huge part of his rural childhood in Biloela but noted the many modern challenges it faces.

“We think we are busier than we have ever been, backyards are smaller than they were and just going to the park now there can be security issues,’’ Healy told News Corp.

“At a time when the game is trying to get cricket in more schools it’s good to see this episode come out. I love Bluey – just the simple, strong messages. You sit down to watch one episode and end up watching three or four.’’

Cricket Australia chief executive Nick Hockley also joined in the praise on LinkedIn when he said that Bluey “reminds us all of what cricket is all about.’’

And the episode even left Aussie cricketer Ed Cowan “bawling” his eyes out.

As Cricket tries to break into the US market, this episode perfectly places to sport to breakout in the US as it’s timed perfectly on the eve of The Ashes and the effect this one episode will have over there will almost outweigh any genius marketing campaign.