Alison Fan never thought we’d be at the point of being able to tell almost the entire story of The Claremont Killer.

“I don’t think that anybody thought that after 20-plus years that there’d be a resolution, let alone an arrest and a conviction,” the veteran reporter told Clairsy & Lisa on Wednesday as ‘Claremont: A Killer Among Us’, a new two-part documentary premieres tonight on Channel 10.

“Possibly this is why there’s such wide-spread interest in this topic, because of how long it spanned.”

It was the case which irrevocably changed Perth.

“It drew in everybody… it took in the whole state, remember the 20,000 taxi drivers that came under suspicion… and anyone who drove a white van?” Fan remarked.

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Claremont: A Killer Among Us, 7.30pm tonight, Channel 10 and 10 Play