Last year, Channel 10 put the casting call-out for contestants who reckon they could, despite living in a world where just about everything is tracked and recorded, slip under the radar.

“In this heart pounding game of cat-and-mouse, the goal is simple. Outsmart a team of expert trackers to avoid detection and you could win a huge cash prize,” they said at the time.

Now, we’re finally getting the first look at Hunted.

It follows nine pairs of ordinary Aussies who become fugitives. With limited funds and resources, they have to think of ingenious ways to survive and remain undetected for 21 days while avoiding a team of ‘Hunters’.

These ‘Hunters’ are Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force, British Intelligence, skilled cyber analysts, special ops and private security, and on-foot teams.

So yeah, like Amazing Race, but you’re running from authorities. Insane.

Check out the trailer:

Hunted will land on Channel 10 and 10 Play soon.