It’s been more than two years since fans of Schitt’s Creek said goodbye to the hit comedy… and while many have asked if the “Rose” saga would continue, the answer is no.

Showrunner and “David” actor Dan Levy told singer Dua Lipa on her podcast that the show was always meant to end when the time was right.

While many may know Dan and his father Eugene Levy from Schitt’s Creek, they might not know that the pair created, wrote, starred, and produced the project.

“It was so clear to me,” he said. “I believe in the legacy of something, and I think in order to create legacy, you have to leave people wanting more.”

The actor went on to talk about how shows who overstay their welcome end up a burden to audiences instead of a gift and that “jumping the shark” is a real thing.

“I don’t know what life would have been like if someone had said, ‘We are going to give you a huge, gigantic, generational, life altering amount of money to do seven more seasons of this show,’” he said.

“That wasn’t in the cards for us. It was always just about the work.”

In the end, the show was a family passion project.

Dan, his father Eugene, mother Deborah Divine, and sister Sarah Levy all played roles on and off camera. The show stuck to its roots and gave viewers something to relate to at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic when the show was in its final days.

“I think it was people being stuck at home, finding our show, and I think our show was inherently about a family who was stuck in a place, not being able to have the freedom they once had,” Dan said.

“I think thematically there was a lot of storytelling that spoke to people in the current circumstance of being stuck at home during this pandemic.”

Now that the show has ended, Dan is using his time to create more passion projects. The actor said he isn’t really concerned about things he works on being massive hits, he just wants to be happy with his work. For example, his new show The Big Brunch was born out of love and a desire to help chefs who have lost their jobs over the past two years.

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