Whether you’re into NRL or not, ‘Dawn of the Dolphins’  is a rare look at the inception of new Queensland side the Dolphins, as legendary coach Wayne Bennett prepares them for their inaugural season.

We spoke to Beau Ryan, who dropped a couple of mics with Clairsy & Lisa about the documentary, and NRL in general.

Firstly, we discovered that Bennett isn’t as grumpy as he comes across, in fact, the doco shows he’s quite the opposite – an introvert even.

Secondly, Ryan likened the series’ vibe to Show Me The Money II’ another Stan documentary following the drama of AFL Trade Week, something the NRL doesn’t do.

However, Ryan went further, explaining why he thought the NRL’s way of signing and onboarding new players was “crazy”.

“It’s robbing the fans, in my opinion.”

Listen in here…

‘Dawn of the Dolphins’ kicks off on Stan on March 6.

Check out the trailer: