A prominent royal commentator has claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lawyers are reportedly “casting an eye” over animated television show South Park after it savaged the pair in a recent episode titled ‘The Worldwide Privacy Tour’.

Although it didn’t mention either by name, it featured references to Harry’s best-selling memoir, redubbed Waaaagh, and described Meghan as a “sorority girl, actress, influencer, victim”.

However, another royal commentator told Newsweek earlier she doubted the couple would sue.

“If anything, they’ll know they’re in good company with other decent people who’ve been raked over the coals by the show,” Kristen Meinzer said.

It’s understood South Park producers were yet to receive any legal correspondence from the couple, so we’ll soon see which royal commentator is correct.

The episode pokes fun at Harry and Meghan by depicting them as the fictional Prince and Princess of Canada.

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In the episode the two escape to a small town for privacy, before going on their worldwide privacy tour.


The episode taking a dig at Harry’s memoir…