For a kid’s game that’s meant to take five minutes to play, took eight hours for the players of Squid Game: The Challenge, according to Perth contestant Adrian Alaberg.

Within days of its release, the reality TV version of the smash hit South Korean survival thriller has become number one on Netflix in 76 countries, including Australia.

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ contestant Adrian Alaberg with Clairsy & Lisa.

To say this show is big is an understatement.

Of course, the biggest thing is that in Squid Game: The Challenge, anyone who loses in the intense series of traditional children’s games doesn’t die. Huge.

Another big thing is that not only are there 456 players, the $US4.56 million cash prize ($AU6.86 million) is the biggest in game and reality show history.

The other big thing? The sheer time it took to film the iconic ‘Red Light, Green Light’ scene. A game that appeared to count down from just five minutes.

“From the very first step over the line to when I crossed the line was six hours,” Adrian told Clairsy & Lisa.

“And I finished in the third-last wave. The final wave was eight hours.”

Which makes this scene make way more sense:

Adrian also spilled the tea on the audition process, the camaraderie (and the greed) among contestants… and how the food was so limited, he lost six kilos in a week.

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Squid Game: The Challenge is currently streaming on Netflix