“House of the bloody Dragon,” Tim Minchin deadpanned despite his chat with Clairsy & Lisa about season 2 of Upright kicking off tonight.

Of course, he was referring to his Upright co-star Milly Alcock, who has recently experienced massive exposure as one of the stars of the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

Minchin reprises his role in the new season of Upright as Lucky, a manchild muso who had previously been driving from Sydney to Perth to see his dying mother, and Alcock also returns as Meg, a teen who had run away from home.

Time has obviously passed since the first season, and not only have the characters evolved, but Alcock as an actress has completely changed, in the best way.

“I taught her everything she knows!” he joked, adding that she has changed because, well, you have to.

“She’s had a huge amount of attention and she’s changed in that she’s an even better actress. She’s a really talented cat.”

Alcock also seems incredibly hardworking and down to earth.

“Milly had spent a year filming dragons at $20-million per episode and came back to sit in a forest in the rain with me for 12 weeks. Season 2 was a huge job for her with Meg’s story driving it.”

This is was such a great chat, hit PLAY to listen in… 

All 8 episodes of Upright season 2 drop on Foxtel and Binge today.