Comedian Shaun Micallef has confirmed this season hosting Mad As Hell will be his last.

The hit ABC show is set to return on July 20.

On Monday, an ABC spokesperson confirmed Micallef had decided to leave.

“After 10 years and 15 seasons, Shaun Micallef has decided to take some time away from Mad As Hell at the end of the upcoming season,” the statement said.

“The ABC and Shaun maintain a great working relationship and we look forward to continuing to work together. Shaun will be back with the new season of Mad As Hell, which starts on Wednesday, 20 July, and will also appear on the ABC as part of other projects next year.”

Micallef confirmed the news on Sunday, clearing up any confusion over why.

“It is true we’ll not be returning next year, but this is entirely down to me,” he tweeted.

“After 11 years and 15 seasons, I just felt it was time for someone younger to take advantage of the resources and opportunities on offer. I’m turning 60 in a week for f–k’s sake.”

Mad as Hell returns the same night that Micallef premieres a new series, Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod, over on Channel 10 – but he was quick to deny having “jumped ship to a commercial network.”

“I enjoy a great working relationship with the ABC and have done for many years. Sometimes I make shows for other stations, that’s all. The ABC is cool with this,” he wrote in the same twitter thread.

He also confirmed “the ABC and I are continuing to talk about evolving [Mad as Hell] with someone else in the chair”, or making different shows with its cast.

“In the meantime, do enjoy this last season of the original version of Mad as Hell. We’re going to do all things we’ve NEVER been allowed to. Bloody ABC,” he continued before signing off.

“The show HASN’T been axed. In fact, we have a NEW SEASON starting on Wednesday July 20. The only change is the time slot (8:40 – Bloody Gruen). Best wishes, Shaun Micallef xxxxx”