WA will take centre stage as The Project heads this way from this Monday, March 21.

While the usual line-up will be live on the desk, there will be a string of live crosses from around the state.

Lisa Wilkinson will cross live at the top of WA Week from Broome, before she’s live on the desk in Perth on Thursday 24 and Friday 25.

Executive Producer Rove McManus will cross live from Kings Park, Ningaloo Reef, Margaret River and Rotto.

“I am very excited The Project is headed to Western Australia and I can’t wait to share some of the highlights of my home state with the team and its audience. There will be iconic landmarks, incredible experiences, and stunning locations from all over the state that may even give me an opportunity to swing by Mum’s place for a visit as well. The welcome mat is out and I’m ready to go.”

The Project, 6.30pm, Monday March 21 – Friday 25 on Ten