Orange is the New Black may have wrapped in 2019, but we’re still not used to hearing Yael Stone with an Aussie accent.

For the hit show’s entire seven-year run playing the red-lipped Lorna Morello, Stone had us all convinced her distinctive Brooklyn-and-Boston accent was genuinely hers.

“Some people have caught up to the fact that I’m Australian,” Stone told Clairsy & Lisa on Thursday. “But the shock value is still there.”

(Still shocked, not gonna lie)

Stone admits her heart still ‘aches’ for her old OITNB cast mates, but is now well and truly back in Australia, starring in the new drama series, One Night.

And the storyline’s a doozy – it’s about three best friends and what happens when one of these friends writes a best-selling novel about an event they were all part of two decades ago… but she didn’t get permission to write it.

“What happens when somebody takes ownership of a memory and do we all remember it in the same way?” Stone queries. “Possibly not”.

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