Over two special episodes kicking off tonight, the gang at Gruen will break down what Gruen breaks down best – the ads, the billboards and the marketing surrounding the Federal Election.

And for the first time, politicians have been removed from the discussion panel, leaving the talking to just Todd Sampson, Russel Howcroft and Wil Anderson.

“It’s nasty, and it’s going to get nastier,” Wil told Clairsy & Lisa on Wednesday. “What we have seen so far is that you can win the campaign in the first-half of the campaign, but the second half is about getting the opposition to lose the campaign.”

Too dry?

Wil then used an analogy we can all understand: Married At First Sight.

“We’ve had the weddings, spent a couple of nights together, have seen some dramas but we’re about to go down to a big ol’ dinner party where some people have been cheating behind the scenes and it’s all gonna kick off.”

He also had strong thoughts about journalists who are straight-up “embarrassing themselves right now,” over a certain tactic they’ve been using.

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Gruen Nation 2022 – Episode 1 premieres tonight Wednesday, May 11, at 8pm on ABC and iview