Since testing began in 2021, Aldi has been widely criticised for trialling self-service checkouts.

Despite previously saying it had “no plans” to expand the unmanned checkouts nationwide, it seems that’s exactly what’s happening.

It’s understood the changes are to keep grocery costs low and to free up staff so they can focus on things like customer service, store presentation and stock replenishment.

And while the concept isn’t new, it’s always been polarising. Complaints have been coming in hot for Aldi, such as being too loud and being predominately card-only.

Yet, of course, some shoppers love them.

“Don’t have to wait behind people with trolleys full in the manned check-outs,” one social media user said.

“Quick and easy. I wonder if people complaining are also the people in some posts ‘demanding’ people let them in if they only have one or two items.”