There’s been a myth circulating for years that all blue-eyed people are related and now, an eye surgeon has weighed in… and agrees.

Dr. Dave Allamby believes the chatter is true and his videos explain the science behind it.

In his viral video, he says people with blue eyes are “all descended from one person that lived near the black sea six to ten thousand years ago.”

“That person got a mutation in the gene, chromosome fifteen making brown eyes into blue.”

He states all people with blue eyes have “700 million relatives” around the world.

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Dr Allamby’s theory comes from a 2008 study by University of Copenhagen scientists which concluded that people with blue eyes have a single and common ancestor due to the genetic mutation that “turned off” the gene responsible for producing brown eye colour. This shift in eye colour is thanks to a change that affects the OCA2 gene.

If you’re blue-eyed, you’re potentially part of a historical snippet that links you to countless others, making blue-eyed strangers on the street distant, long-lost relatives.

But before you go planning the world’s biggest blue-eyed family reunion, it’s worth noting that not everyone in the science community agrees with this theory and, if anything, might just be an interesting lil’ conversation starter.