A warning for Australians has been issued to be on the lookout for credit and debit card charges labelled ‘Jet Frog’, which may be a sign of potentially fraudulent activity.

According to News.com.au, a Sydney resident recently took to the internet to raise the alarm after noticing a suspicious pending transaction from an unknown organisation called Jet Frog on their online banking statement.

The transaction was for zero dollars, indicating a common ‘hold’ attempt used to verify card details. A quick online search revealed that Jet Frog is associated with a scam, where they test the validity of your card and then proceed to make unauthorised charges if it’s successful.

Image: News.com

The individual immediately contacted their bank, and their card was cancelled and replaced.

Investigations have revealed that these fraudulent activities by Jet Frog are relatively recent occurrences in Australia.

No registered companies under the name Jet Frog exist, and there’s little evidence to support the legitimacy of this third-party payment processor.

Reports on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit indicate that victims of Jet Frog charges claim they made no purchases related to the company.

For instance, one victim reported being charged 99 cents, followed shortly by a $1000 necklace purchase. Another victim noticed a charge of 14 cents, followed by multiple attempted Uber transactions before cancelling their card.

Check your bank account for ‘Jet Frog’ charges

The majority of reported charges are less than $1, with some being zero dollars or as little as 14 cents. Several major Australian banks are aware of these fraud attempts and have taken preventive measures to flag any future transactions.

If you notice a transaction labelled ‘Jet Frog’, it’s crucial to contact your bank promptly to cancel and replace your card. For those already affected, it is recommended to inform your bank and file a report with ScamWatch, a division of the National Anti-Scam Centre.