According to new research, it takes roughly 10 years to get the hang of Aussie slang.

More than 1000 people shared their experiences with Australian culture, language and even local snacks in a new study commissioned by a money transfer company – and some the results were pretty interesting.

The hardest of our slang to grasp was ‘Fair Dinkum’, taking roughly 10 years to understand. After a decade, it becomes one of the best known colloquialisms at 70% recognition.

Words like ‘Crikey’ were also a bit slow on the uptake in the beginning, but over time (and watching plenty of Crocodile Hunter episodes), using it in context becomes far easier for those not born and raised here.

Other slang that newcomers reportedly struggled with included ‘dunny’, ‘woop woop’, ‘goon’, ‘devo’ and ‘durry’. Again, after about 10 years, understanding vastly improves.

Other interesting parts of the research reveals that in their first year of living in Australia, 88% of expats will experience a local custom, like trying a Tim Tam or attending an AFL match. More female expats (73%) will try Vegemite compared to male expats (66%).

With more than a quarter of Australia’s population born overseas, the findings of the research reflect the powerful cultural exchange occurring within Australia, and give insight to the enrichment the international-born population provides to Australia’s own cultural landscape, with their connections to home.

Expats who have settled Down Under in more recent years cite cost-of-living to be a greater culture shock than the language, and honestly, any Aussie would agree.

So next time you have your bonza expat mates over for a barbie and some noice goon, give ’em a few pointers on the ripper slang of this great country of ours. Hoo-Roo!