It was dad to the rescue after his young daughter’s inflatable raft became stuck coming down a waterslide at a popular adventure park in the UK.

Andrew Reece, wife Emma and six-year-old daughter Sienna were celebrating the youngster’s birthday when the incident happened.

After her inflatable became stuck and she began to panic, it’s understood that the couple tried to get some help from park staff, but they were taking too long… so Andrew kicked into action.

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Mum Emma spoke with the Daily Mail where she said that “Sienna was upset and was crying on the boat and we could see she was frightened, the staff had called for help over the radio but it was taking too long”.

“The sun was beaming down on her and she was scared. Her dad suggested climbing up the water slide and I said he can’t because he will slide back down.”

“But … Andrew being Andrew, he went up to save our daughter”, Emma added.

“He was our hero and Sienna was so pleased her dad had gone up to rescue her.”