A Pizza Hut in the US has gone viral after it rebranded back to the original styling of the 1970s.

The photo, which surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) in December, captures what could easily have been a scene burned in our collective memory – the booths, the stained-glass lights, red-and-white checked tablecloths and the red cups.

Then, in the caption, proof that the all-you-can-eat buffet lives on.

The Hempstead location, about an hour outside Houston, is the latest to join a small group of Pizza Huts (less than 12) in Texas that have turned back the clocks, complete with the distinctive red hat-topped roof.

Photo via Houston Chronicle

It’s understood the location is still waiting on a few final flourishes including some throwback doors, a salad bar and possibly a Pac-Man arcade machine.

Photo via Houston Chronicle

Back home, a dine-in experience still exists, but it’s way less cosy and retro compared to the fit-out job in Texas.

@johnfredrie The nostalgia has been turned up to 10 🍕 Didn’t know these still existed, let alone there’d be one only 10mins away from where I live! #fyp #australia #straya #millenial #pizzahut #pizzahutallyoucaneat #pizzahutdineine @pizzahutau #standrewspizzahut ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears


Thing is, while we reckon this would go off in Australia, there isn’t a Sizzler’s chance in hell they’ll happen here, particularly as the company seems so restrained to even having them in the US.

In a recent statement to the Houston Chronicle, they acknowledged their history, but they’re clear that ‘fresh and modern’ is the way:

“We love that people are enjoying our Pizza Hut Classic remodels and are proud of the Pizza Hut legacy of welcoming guests into our restaurants to enjoy iconic pizza. We are currently on a transformation journey with our restaurant assets to bring that classic, welcoming Pizza Hut ambiance but in a way that is fresh and modern. You will start to see this new prototype show up in different markets this year, so stay tuned for more!”

Le sigh.