Vendors on eBay are taking advantage of desperate Australians in search of beetroot amid national scarcity.

Inflated listings for cans of beetroot have emerged online, with one seller pricing a single 425g tin of Edgell sliced beetroot at a staggering $65.78.

Another offers an 850g tin of Golden Circle whole baby beetroot for $39.09, forcing customers to weigh their options between splurging or going without.

Clairsy & Lisa discussed it this morning… hit PLAY to listen in:

The soaring prices coincide with empty shelves caused by a national beetroot shortage following the destruction of the New Zealand-based Golden Circle cannery by Cyclone Gabrielle last year. Had the cannery remained in Brisbane, where it was situated before Kraft Heinz’s acquisition of Golden Circle in 2008, the cyclone might not have exacerbated the situation.

Kraft Heinz reassured customers that while the cyclone affected many crops, including beetroot, they could anticipate a return of their burger staple to shelves in the coming weeks, with supply gradually returning to normal over the next few months.