A new boozy ginger beer has entered the chat with a whole lot less sugar.

The pair behind the comedy act Inspired Unemployed, Jack Steele and Matt Ford, launched the alcoholic ginger beer after recently dropping a zero carb beer under their new brand, Better Beer.

“Better Beer Ginger Beer is a dangerously tasty alcoholic ginger beer that hits the spot without obscene amounts of sugar, so you can enjoy the spicy kick of fresh ginger without feeling guilty,” their blurb reads.

The online reviews are a bit all over the place – people either totally love it or totally not – so I dunno, it might be worth a taste to make up your own mind.

At 4g of sugar per 100mL, Better Beer Ginger Beer has half the amount of sugar in comparison to market-leading brands.

You can find it at Dan Muphy’s and BWS outlets.